0-34.9 35-64.9 65-100

Tiers are color coded based on the percent of points earned.

Grades Measured:


Student Progress

(Test score improvement over time)

Student Achievement

(Meeting or exceeding standards)


(Outcomes aligned to college and career readiness)

Leading Indicators

(Predictors of future student progress and achievement)
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  1. Click on this drop-down menu to select a school.

    Once you’ve made a selection, the page will update with PMF data for that school.

  2. Each school’s overall PMF Tier is displayed in the top right.

    Tier 1 represents the highest level of performance. Tier 3 represents the lowest level of performance.

    If there is no tier, hover your mouse over the tier circle to read an explanation.

  3. Throughout the tool, numbers are color coded according to the tier, based on the legend at left.

  4. A school’s Tier is based on four distinct academic indicators:

    • Student Progress
    • Student Achievement
    • Gateway Measures
    • Leading Indicators

    By default the page displays summary information for each indicator, including the percent of total points earned by a school on that indicator.

  5. By clicking the + or – button, you can see more or less information about school performance on that indicator.

  6. Each indicator is composed of multiple metrics.

    Each metric is scored on a specific range (shaded in blue). Schools are awarded points based on where their score falls within that range (% earned).

    The higher the % earned, the better a school's performance.

  7. When calculating an overall PMF score, each metric is also given a specific weight.

    This column shows how many points a school has earned out of the total points possible for that metric.

    Earned points is defined by multiplying a school's % earned by the total points possible.

  8. To calculate a school's overall Tier, we calculate total points earned out of total points possible across all metrics on the PMF.

    Schools earning 65% or more of the total points possible receive Tier 1 status.

    School earning between 35% and 64.9% of the total points possible receive Tier 2 status.

    Schools earning fewer than 35% of the total points possible receive Tier 3 status.